Sobre (English) - Pé de Fruta

About us:

Since 2007 we are trying to figure out how to deliver a perfect, natural and healthy fruit Pulp. Luckly, we did it!
We’ve managed to put together the best of the fruit, without any chemicals or artificial enhancers, wrapping it in a beautiful package, providing a high quality and tasty product with an uncomparable flavor!
We bet you’re going to fill your fridge with our packages!

But wait, there’s more! We are a big Family, and it keeps getting bigger. We have pulps, gelattos, popsicles, açaís and frozen fruits. We have a very creative mix and we have combined several ingredients to create new, intense flavors to your palate, and even better, completetly, one hundred percent natural!

We don’t just do it, we do it right!
We are certified by the PAS (Safe Food Programm) and the APPCC (Safety Control and Analysis), to garantee our commitment in producing safe, trustworthy and delicious food!

Programa de Alimentos Certificado HACCP

So, are you up to it? Come and meet what we value here. This is Pé de Frute: make yourself at home and bon apetite!